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Choosing a jewelry or beaded gift

Choosing a jewellery or beaded gift.

There are a number of things to consider when purchasing a jewellery gift.

Obviously how well you know the persons will make it easier or harder to find something that suites them and their personality.

Consider the following

1. Colour:

Is there a particular colour that your friend likes best or a colour that you have noticed they wear a lot? I know how easy it is to be distracted and notice the items that are the colours I like (mostly pinks, purple and blue) and “skim over” the item that are made with different colours.

If you are not sure about their colour preference I would highly recommend purchasing items that are more of a neutral colour such as clear, white, black, grey, silver, cream, and a few lighter shades of brown.
These colours are more versatile and are more likely to go with the colours they wear.

If you not in a rush to buy something, why not take a bit of time to have a look at the colours that they wear and see if you can match one of their outfits?

2. Style:

If you know that the person you are purchasing for likes elaborate designs or unique designs that you would never find again then go for it. However sometimes it may be easier to go with a “safer” option. I would recommend something that is more simplistic that can be worn in a number of situations.

3. What type of Jewellery or accessory?:

Earrings are obviously a big one here. I would say that if you are not sure if the recipient has their ears pierced then I would avoid taking the risk. Alternatively you can purchase clip on earrings (Most earrings I make can be converted over to clip on's! Just message me or add a comment to this post for more details)

Necklaces are good except it can be difficult to know what size. It is best to get a necklace that is slightly adjustable. Most necklaces at tazzmck designs come with an extension chain clasp at the back. But again it can be difficult.

I always find a bracelet is a good way to go if it has flexibility with its size. Have a look at the ones here for a good example. They can be gently squeezed together to fit a smaller wrist but will also expand out larger if needed. The memory wire also means that it will not lose its shape! Perfect for unknown sizes!

4. Other questions you could ask yourself

Do they like to read?
Maybe a nice hand made bookmark?

Have they got any special interests or hobbies?
Often now you can find jewellery and gifts that have a theme. For example music like notes and guitars, animals like birds nest, crafting, sports etc. have a think if there is anything that stands out about the person you are buying for and then try a search. You'd be amazed what comes up!! Especially if you do a search within etsy or

Hope I've helped you a bit. :-)
Happy hunting!

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